An alternative to PHP on the JVM

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How to run Joomla, Drupal or another CMS on JPHP?

Sorry, but you cannot do it because JPHP is only a php language implementation without zend runtime libraries as PCRE, PDO, Curl, etc. We don’t plan to implement these libraries.

How to use a PHP MVC framework like Symfony, Laravel, Yii with JPHP?

Read the first q/a. JPHP is only a php language implementation with own runtime library.

Why JPHP doesn’t support many functions and classes from original zend php?

The main reasons are:
- Zend PHP classes and functions are poorly designed.
- It’s one of the project goals - replacing the ugly zend runtime library with a better runtime library.
- To implement this support, it’s necessary to spend a lot of time and effort.
- Many php functions are too universal and complex to implement them.

How to write a simple program like “Hello World” with JPHP?

It’s easily. Read and follow the instructions from Get Started.

I want to use a function is not implemented in JPHP. What do I do?

JPHP has own elegant standard library with many classes and functions for all. There is a guide that helps you to migrate to the jphp std library. Read here.

How can I write an android application on JPHP?

JPHP has an extension that helps to write android apps, but it’s not stable and in development. You can contact us if you want to test this feature. We do not recomend to use the feature on production at this time.