Edit Regex (PCRE)

As you know, Zend PHP has the PCRE extension for working with regular expressions, it includes the all preg_* functions. JPHP does not support these functions and PCRE for regexp. There is no implementation of this written on Java. Usage of the PCRE native library is not a good approach for the JVM Stack so JPHP has own regex library that is based on Java regex library.

Use the php\util\Regex class to replace the PCRE functions. It’s an immutable class.

use php\util\Regex;

if (Regex::match('^[a-z]+$', $str, Regex::CASE_INSENSITIVE)) { }

// instead of
if (preg_match('/^[a-z]+$/i', $str) { }

- You can replace preg_match_all to the Regex iterations.

$regex = Regex::of('([0-9]+)');

foreach ($regex->with('a 12 b 34 c 384') as $number) {

- To replace via regex, you can use Regex::replace and Regex::replaceFirst methods.

$regex = Regex::of('([0-9]+)');

$string = $regex->with('a 12 b 34 c 384')->replace('NUM'); // result will be "a NUM b NUM c NUM"

- Use Regex::replaceWithCallback and Regex::group.

$regex = Regex::of('([0-9]+)');

$string = $regex->with('a 12 b 32 c 384')->replaceWithCallback(function(Regex $self) {
     return $self->group() * 2;
// string will be "a 24 b 64 c 768"

- Use Regex::quote or Regex::quoteReplacement for replaceWithCallback.