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An alternative to PHP on the JVM


JPHP Package Manager

JPPM is a packager manager for jphp like npm (js) or composer (php). JPPM will help you to build and run jphp applications.

IMPORTANT: JPPM and JPHP requires Java 8 or 9+. Download here:

0. How to install jppm?

For Windows Users

  • Download the installer (*.exe) of the last jppm version here:
  • Run the downloaded installer (jppm-setup-{version}.exe).

For Linux Users

  • Use the linux install instructions from the last jppm version here:

That's all! Try to check jppm in console.

jppm version

1. How to build and install jppm from sources?

  • Clone the jphp repository from
  • Open repo directory in your console and run:

On Linux (it will create link of jppm to /usr/bin/jppm, use sudo if needed):

sudo ./gradlew packager:install --no-daemon

On Windows:

gradlew packager:install --no-daemon
  • [Only if Windows] Add the jppm bin path to your system properties, use %UserProfile%\.jppm\dist for bin path.

  • Restart your console!

After all of this the jppm command will available in your console. Try to get version of jppm:

jppm version

It should print a version information about jphp.

2. How to create project (package)?

Run and select options:

jppm init
  • If you choose add AppPlugin (yes) so you can run the created package as jphp application, use app:run:
jppm app:run

It will println Hello World in your console. The php source of the package see in src/index.php.

3. How to run and build JPHP apps?

If you didn't choose the add AppPlugin option as no, use this manual.

  • Before, add plugin App to your package.php.yml (see plugins sections), e.g.:
name: test

  - App # include app plugin
# ...  
  • Now, the command app:run, app:build, app:clean will be availble.
  • Add jphp compiler dependency to your package.php.yml:
name: test

  - App # include app plugin
  jphp-core: '*'
  jphp-zend-ext: '*'
  jphp-httpserver-ext: '*' # add http server extension  
  • Add a bootstrap script to your app, e.g src/index.php:
<? echo "Hello World";
  • Add the path of the bootstrap script in package.php.yml:
name: test

  - AppPlugin # include app plugin
  jphp-core: '*'
  jphp-zend-ext: '*'
  jphp-httpserver-ext: '*' # add http server extension  
  - 'src' # add 'src' dir as source directory (for class loader too).
  bootstrap: 'index.php'
  • Now, you can run jppm app:run to run you app.
  • And you can run jppm app:build to build your app to one executable jar file!

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